Hi, I’m Ben.

I like to build things, especially brands that make a difference.

I aim to create positive impact in my work through putting people at the centre and making it easy to do the right thing. I’m happiest working as part of a small team on a difficult challenge that matters. I prefer working collaboratively and quickly – getting things out there and learning as we go.

I’m currently heading up circular economy at eBay – generating and trying out new ideas to inspire internal teams and attract users, all with the aim of rediscovering eBay’s relevance.

I also freelance on interesting brand challenges. At the moment I’m helping Provenance develop their offer, and creating a brand for the future of civil society.

I enjoy being at the edge of things. Whether that’s founding a B2B recycling service, moving to Portland, helping develop and launch an energy meter, or exploring circular economy, I like doing things in new ways.

You can email me on hello@benmaxwell.net