The creative process and Chugginton

I saw a brilliant example of embracing randomness as part of the creative process in an episode of Chugginton – the kids TV show about trains.

One of the trains, Frostini, makes icecreams and has to invent a new flavour for the Mayor. But he’s stuck in a creative rut: no matter what combinations he plugs into his icecream machine nothing works. He gets more and more exasperated as the deadline approaches. Oh no!

Frostini sends his helper Wilson out on an errand, because he’s too busy to go himself. Wilson gets attacked by monkeys and covered in fruit. Disaster! He tries to sneak back and clean up without getting in more trouble from Frostini. But the smell of the fruit that Wilson is covered in inspires Frostini to create a masterpiece for the Mayor. Just in time!

It takes Wilson to go somewhere new. But he was going to wash off the messy fruit. We needed Frostini to embrace the randomness and realise the fruit wasn’t a mess, it was a masterpiece.

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